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Sermon Series

A Child is Born

An exploration of four significant birth stories in the Old Testament that reveal how Jesus is our Covenant Promise, Mighty Deliverer, Righteous King, and Powerful Prophet.


Jeremy Falk
Isaac: The Covenant Promise

December 1, 2019

Isaac’s birth story in Genesis anticipates that Jesus’ arrival would bless the entire world, be utterly miraculous, and involve sacrifice.

Jeremy Falk
Moses: The Mighty Deliverer

December 8, 2019

Moses’ birth reminds us that deliverance is at the heart of the gospel. His life lays the groundwork for us to accept Jesus Christ as our ultimate deliverer who brings our rescue to its climax and conclusion.

Jeremy Falk
David: The Anointed King

December 15, 2019

Jesus isn’t just our Savior, He is our Lord. The life of King David points us towards the anointing on Jesus to rule and reign as our ultimate authority.

Jeremy Falk
John: The Powerful Prophet

December 22, 2019

The message of Christmas isn’t just, “Jesus is here”, it’s also “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is here.”