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The story of Jonah is often our story. God leads and we are reluctant to follow. In spite of our routine resistance, God graciously pursues us and desires good for us. The more we understand God’s amazing forgiveness, the more motivated we are to share this good news with others.


Jeremy Falk
Jonah: Running from God
Jonah 1
February 3, 2019

In our unwillingness to do what God asks us to do, we often run and try to hide. But there are consequences to our actions that affect our location, our finances, our connection to God, other people in lives, and our own thinking.

Jeremy Falk
Jonah: Rescue by God
Jonah 2
February 10, 2019

God’s rescue isn’t always painless and easy, but it is powerful and productive. Part of the process might be difficult and lonely...like being in the belly of a fish. Jonah’s prayer offers us five principles to implement when we find ourselves going through the dark night of the soul.

Jeremy Falk
Jonah: Revived by God
Jonah 3
February 17, 2019

God’s grace brings us back from the brink of death. Jonah was empowered with courage and boldness when God revived him and gave him a second chance.

Jeremy Falk
Jonah: Resentful towards God
Jonah 4
February 24, 2019

After all God has done to show mercy to Jonah, the sailors, and the Ninevites, Jonah becomes angry and resentful. Chapter 4 helps us understand why we behave this way too. But it doesn’t have to be the end of the story.