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Welcome to the Uptown Church past sermons page. Here you can listen or re-listen to series preached at Uptown Church.


Sermon Series

Make Room

Creating space to experience Christ more fully at Christmas.


Jeremy Falk
Make Room: In Our Schedules

November 28, 2021

Time is a limited and precious commodity. To make room for Christ this Christmas, we must ensure that we give God time, allow Him to plan our time, and expect Him to show up all the time.

Jeremy Falk
Make Room: In Our Homes

December 5, 2021

Jesus doesn’t just want to be welcomed into our homes as a guest or as a family member. Jesus is looking for us to make room for Him as King and Lord.

Jeremy Falk
Make Room: In Our Hearts

December 12, 2021

It is difficult to make room for Jesus during Christmas if our hearts are filled with rage, overconsumption, or nostalgia.

Jeremy Falk
Make Room: For the Impossible

December 19, 2021

The God we serve is a miracle-working God. We make room when we open ourselves up to Him doing the impossible in our lives.

Terry Lu
Make Room: For Jesus

December 26, 2021

Making room for Jesus takes more than just a light remodeling effort in our lives. It requires a full rebuild and reset of priorities and lifestyles.