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Sermon Series

Paradigm Shift

Just because something is widely accepted and believed doesn’t make it right. Jesus confronts the status quo in our religious circles with His divine authority. He explains how Scripture is to rightly govern our thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, and interactions. Jesus takes our traditional understandings and demands fundamental transformation. He calls for a paradigm shift.


Jeremy Falk
Paradigm Shift: You’ve Heard, But I Say
Matthew 5:17-20
June 14, 2020

Jesus makes the bold claim that He is the ultimate interpreter of Old Testament law. He warns us not to respond to His teachings with defensiveness, self-pity, or self-righteousness because these are three of the main weapons we use to preserve the status quo and avoid the paradigm shift.

Jeremy Falk
Paradigm Shift: Murder and Anger
Matthew 5:21-26
June 21, 2020

“Jesus goes behind the act of murder itself to declare that the anger and hatred which give rise to it, though not capable of being examined in a human court, are no less culpable in the sight of God.” (R.T. France)

Michael Alvarez
Paradigm Shift: Lust
Matthew 5:27-30
June 28, 2020

God doesn’t just evaluate how we behave and He isn’t only concerned with our actions. The condition of our hearts is top priority. Jesus teaches that inner lust is just as dangerous as the outward act of adultery.

Ethan Machida
Paradigm Shift: Divorce
Matthew 5:31-32
July 5, 2020

Marriage is more than just a legal and civil contract. It is a covenant between two people that should reflect God’s commitment to humanity. God’s high standard for faithfulness in marriage reminds us that He will not walk out on us.

Jeremy Falk
Paradigm Shift: Oaths and Vows
Matthew 5:33-37
July 12, 2020

Jesus’ standard for Christian-living is that Christ followers are to be people that always keep their word and speak truthfully. Most vows and oaths are unnecessary if a person’s word is honest, trustworthy, and reliable.

Jeremy Falk
Paradigm Shift: Retaliation
Matthew 5:38-42
July 19, 2020

Jesus is more concerned with us standing up for others being treated unjustly than us standing up for ourselves. Our standing up is actually a laying down; where we are willing to put ourselves into harm’s way for our neighbor.

Jeremy Falk
Paradigm Shift: Love Your Enemies
Matthew 5:43-48
July 26, 2020

In Jesus’ call to love our enemies, He identifies who we tend to treat as “non-neighbors”. He asks us to move beyond non-love and favoritism and to treat everyone as our neighbor.