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Welcome to the Uptown Church past sermons page. Here you can listen or re-listen to series preached at Uptown Church.


Sermon Series

Rebuilding Together

Restoring our lives out of the rubble of the pandemic.


Jeremy Falk
Rebuilding Together: My Burden My Commitment

March 6, 2022

There is much to rebuild in our lives as we emerge from the pandemic. Nehemiah calls us to begin this work with lament and confession.

Jeremy Falk
Rebuilding Together: Our Commitment Our Cooperation

March 13, 2022

Rebuilding our lives as we emerge from this pandemic is not a solitary effort. It requires God’s help and the support of others. We are called to rebuild in community.

Jeremy Falk
Rebuilding Together: Overcoming Resistance

March 20, 2022

When we commit to building our lives on a Godly foundation, adversity is going to come against us in the form of a Sanballat and Tobiah spirit.

Jeremy Falk
Rebuilding Together: Addressing Unfairness

March 27, 2022

Seasons of rebuilding tend to create an environment where people are easily taken advantage of. We need to be aware of this as we rebuild our lives.

Jeremy Falk
Rebuilding Together: Staying Focused

April 3, 2022

Nehemiah didn’t just finish the walls, he installed the gates. He stayed focused to the very end of the rebuild effort and brought the project to full and final completion.

Cara Falk
Rebuilding Together: Finishing Strong

April 10, 2022

The rebuilding effort ends with the people rejoicing and feasting together. It is the celebration that leads them to repentance and renewed covenant with God.