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Setting The Table

Hospitality is part of the character of God. God is a divine host who generously extends warmth and welcome through tangible offerings of food, lodging, and protection. As His followers, we strive to offer biblical hospitality to others in the way of Jesus.


Jeremy Falk
Setting the Table: Set the Date

February 14, 2021

Just how committing to a date is the first step in hosting a dinner party, making a personal commitment to biblical hospitality is where we need to begin to learn how to welcome and host like Jesus.

Cara Falk
Setting the Table: Send out the Invitations

February 21, 2021

Looking at Luke 14, we differentiate between the invitational aspects of human hospitality and Godly hospitality. The former is done in our own strength and wisdom while the latter is done through the power of the Spirit.

Jeremy Falk
Setting the Table: Clean Up the Mess

February 28, 2021

King Saul’s hospitality to David turned into spear-throwing. Jealousy and fear will pollute our attempts to offer warmth and welcome to strangers if we don’t allow God to sweep them out of our hearts.

Jeremy Falk
Setting the Table: Enjoy the Meal

March 21, 2021

Hospitality isn’t just about providing for others, it’s also about receiving. There are some roadblocks we need to overcome if we are going to learn to accept, appreciate, and genuinely receive the warmth and welcome of others.