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Welcome to the Uptown Church past sermons page. Here you can listen or re-listen to series preached at Uptown Church.


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Join us as we explore the unique ways God has formed us through our spiritual gifts, heart’s desire, abilities, personality, and experiences. How God has created us to BE helps determine what He intends for us to DO. Experience greater meaning and significance to life as we uncover the special ways God has wired us to serve Him, His Church, and our communities.


Jeremy Falk
Spiritual Gifts
I Corinthians 12
September 8, 2019

As believers, we are to seek the Holy Spirit for the spiritual gifts He wants to give us to build up the body of Christ. All the gifts are essential for strengthening and edifying the Church.

Jeremy Falk
Proverbs 4:20-27
September 15, 2019

God has wired our hearts with specific drives that release excitement in us and they are meant to be unleashed in service in the Church. It is vital that we protect and guard our hearts so these desires and passions do not become polluted or more important than God Himself.

Cara Falk

September 22, 2019

Each of us has been given unique talents and abilities that we are naturally good at. These are wonderful gifts from God that we are born with. We should not just use our abilities in self-serving ways. We must surrender them to God so that He can use them for His glory.

Jeremy Falk
Exodus 4:10-12 & Luke 10:38-42
September 29, 2019

Throughout Scripture, we find God using a variety of different people, with a variety of different temperaments, for a variety of different tasks, in a variety of different ways, all for His glory. Our personalities should never be the main indicator of what we do with our lives, instead they should help us evaluate how we are wired to do what God is calling us to.

Kurt Carlson

October 6, 2019

God wants to use ALL of our best and worst experiences, if we will let Him, to form us. He also wants us to use our successes and failures to help others on their journey as well.