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Sermon Series

Teach Us to Pray

In Luke 11, Jesus’ disciples ask Him to teach them to pray. Jesus responds with offering them the Lord’s Prayer. Through this series, we unpack this profound prayer line by line, to deepen and mature in how we communicate with God.


Jeremy Falk
Prayer Involves Intimacy

January 5, 2020

Jesus’ teaching on prayer in Matthew 6 is set in a context of Jesus teaching about multiple religious practices. He is warning us not to use these practices to gain approval or status from others, but only to honor and please God.

Jeremy Falk
Prayer Involves Simplicity

January 12, 2020

Prayer is not a tool to be used to earn favor with God. We should not use prayer practices to try and convince God to act according to our wishes. Prayer is a dialogue that fosters communion with God.

Jeremy Falk
Prayer Involves Worship

January 19, 2020

To develop a healthy prayer life, we must develop a corporate heart of worship that is not contaminated with attitudes and actions that are rooted in systemic classism or racism.

Jeremy Falk
Prayer Involves Surrender

January 26, 2020

Jesus’ teaching on prayer requires us to surrender to the reign and rule of God, offering our lives in service to His will, desires, and plan.

David Gish
Prayer Involves Asking

February 2, 2020

David provides a “3 slice” insight into what Jesus meant when He taught us to ask God for daily bread.

Jeremy Falk
Prayer Involves Forgiveness

February 9, 2020

Prayerful forgiveness involves accepting the mercy offered to us by God and then extending that radical grace towards others.

Shaun Marshall
Prayer Involves Deliverance

February 16, 2020

We cannot take a casual approach to evil in the world. Deliverance from evil must happen on personal, corporate, and systemic levels.

Jeremy Falk
Prayer Involves Fasting

February 23, 2020

The Bible reveals fasting as a spiritual practice we do out of devotion to God and in response to distress. Jesus warns us not to use fasting as a way to gain distinction from people.