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Jeremy Falk
Setting the Table: Set the Date

February 14, 2021

Just how committing to a date is the first step in hosting a dinner party, making a personal commitment to biblical hospitality is where we need to begin to learn how to welcome and host like Jesus.

Jeremy Falk
The Blazing Center: A Necessity for Mission

February 7, 2021

Jesus’ command is for us to share the good news throughout the world. He identifies only one essential we need for this mission: His presence, the Holy Spirit.

Jeremy Falk
The Blazing Center: A Necessity for Power

January 31, 2021

Jesus promised we would receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on us. This isn’t a power to dominate and control; but power to be a witness, representative, and agent of our Lord.

Ethan Machida
The Blazing Center: A Necessity for Hearing

January 24, 2021

To stay in the care of Jesus, our Shepherd, we need to listen and obey his voice through the Holy Spirit. We become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit as we do Bible reading, prayer, fasting, and obedience.

Jeremy Falk
The Blazing Center: A Necessity for Maturity

January 17, 2021

We need the Holy Spirit if we are going to mature and grow up in our faith. The Holy Spirit aids us in our life-long pursuit of becoming more like Jesus.

Jeremy Falk
The Blazing Center: A Necessity for Inclusion

January 10, 2021

At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit reveals His desire to facilitate inclusion through reversing the effects of Babel, making Himself available to everyone, and propelling us to share the good news of the gospel.

Jeremy Falk
The Blazing Center: A Necessity for Connection

January 3, 2021

Our main avenue for connecting relationally with God is through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit isn’t something we connect through, but someone we connect to.

Past Series


The Greatest G.I.F.T.

Jesus’ arrival on earth was the biggest blessing the world has ever experienced. In John 1, we discover four of the main reasons why Jesus is our greatest gift.

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Now What?

Throughout life, our situation and circumstances can radically shift in an instant. Throughout his days, Joseph encountered more than his fair share of these dilemmas. Joseph’s example helps teach us how to remain faithful to God.

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Open Handed

The Bible is clear that the nature of our relationship to earthly goods is a primary indicator of where our trust and loyalty to God are at. To walk with Jesus, we have to learn how to release our grip on what we have and want, living open-handed.

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Body Builders

What is the role of apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers in the church today?

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