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Welcome to the Uptown Church sermon page. Here you can listen or re-listen to messages preached at Uptown Church.
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Jeremy Falk
I’m in a Pit...Now What?
Genesis 37:12-24
October 11, 2020

No matter what we face or go through in life, God wants to use all our experiences for good. That includes when we find ourselves in a pit. God’s work might be hidden or behind the scenes, but He will redeem our unfair, unjust, painful experiences for His glory.

Cara Falk
Open-handed: Unclenching our Anxiety
Matthew 6:31-34
October 4, 2020

Learning to release our worry and anxiety about the future allows us to steward our resources wisely from a position of open-handed surrender.

Jeremy Falk
Open-handed: Unclenching our Worthlessness
Matthew 6:25-30
September 27, 2020

In order to manage our possessions, resources, and money in a God honoring way, we need to release our grip on the lie that makes us believe we are worthless. With God’s help, we can overcome our past mistakes, false voices, and the desire to play the comparison game.

Jeremy Falk
Open-handed: Unclenching our Resources
Matthew 6:22-24
September 20, 2020

God wants to help us hold lightly to the resources He has blessed us with. We know we are doing this when we are thankful for what we have, responsible with what we have been given, and cheerful in how we give to others.

Jeremy Falk
Open-handed: Unclenching our Desires
Matthew 6:19-21
September 13, 2020

If we are going to handle our material possessions, money, and resources in a God-honoring way, we must begin by living open-handed with our desires. Our pull towards “stuff” cannot be stronger than our pull towards wanting to please, serve, and follow God.

Past Series


Body Builders

What is the role of apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers in the church today?

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Paradigm Shift

Just because something is widely accepted and believed doesn’t make it right. Jesus confronts the status quo in our religious circles with His divine authority.

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It's Alive

Our lives can flourish in a hostile environment. The more difficult our circumstances become, the greater the opportunity we have to shine brightly with the hope of Jesus.

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The Art of Neighboring

We want to take greater steps to build genuine relationships in Uptown and the surrounding neighborhoods. We want to be serious about the great commandment and love our actual neighbors.

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