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Jeremy Falk
I’m in the Presence of Power...Now What?
Genesis 41
November 8, 2020

God uses the weak, poor, and powerless to confront the strong, wise, and powerful. How are we to live and respond when God puts us ordinary people in proximity to power to accomplish His great purposes?

Jeremy Falk
I’m in an Unfair Situation...Now What?
Genesis 39-41
November 1, 2020

Life is unfair. And even though we still fight for justice and equality, we must be prepared to live and respond appropriately when unfair situations come our way. Joseph models for us how to keep living right when life is treating us wrong.

Jeremy Falk
I’m in a Compromising Situation...Now What?
Genesis 39:6-12
October 25, 2020

How should we live and respond when temptation comes our way? Joseph shows us how to use the 3 A’s (assess, act, accept) to stay uncompromised when facing a potentially compromising situation.

Jeremy Falk
I’m in Unfamiliar Territory...Now What?
Genesis 39:1-6
October 17, 2020

In life, we experience moments of disruptive change on a large scale that alter our lives on a permanent basis. How should we respond and live when life thrusts us into unfamiliar territory with no way of going back?

Jeremy Falk
I’m in a Pit...Now What?
Genesis 37:12-24
October 11, 2020

No matter what we face or go through in life, God wants to use all our experiences for good. That includes when we find ourselves in a pit. God’s work might be hidden or behind the scenes, but He will redeem our unfair, unjust, painful experiences for His glory.

Past Series


Open Handed

The Bible is clear that the nature of our relationship to earthly goods is a primary indicator of where our trust and loyalty to God are at. To walk with Jesus, we have to learn how to release our grip on what we have and want, living open-handed.

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Body Builders

What is the role of apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers in the church today?

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Paradigm Shift

Just because something is widely accepted and believed doesn’t make it right. Jesus confronts the status quo in our religious circles with His divine authority.

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It's Alive

Our lives can flourish in a hostile environment. The more difficult our circumstances become, the greater the opportunity we have to shine brightly with the hope of Jesus.

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