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Andrea Spicer
God's Restorative Justice

July 7, 2019

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Michael Alvarez
The Lies of Loneliness

June 30, 2019

Jeremy Falk
You’re Good Over There
Acts 3:1-10
June 23, 2019

When we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, we learn how to engage in timely and effective ministry. This will often disrupt our schedules, prompt us to offer something other than what people are asking for, and lead us to people who have been written off and discarded.

Jeremy Falk
I’m Good Over Here
Acts 5:12-20
June 16, 2019

When we are empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are no longer content to stay on the sidelines. We become compelled to join in with what God is up to, even if it uncomfortable, requires self-lessness, and demands courage.

Cara Falk
Puzzled - Clue # 6 - Tongues of Fire
Acts 1 & 2
June 9, 2019

When the Holy Spirit came on the day of Pentecost, the followers of Jesus were transformed. Clarit, confidence, and commission replaced their doubts, fears, and self-interests.

Past Series



Too often, we have been made to feel guilty for questioning our faith. But uncertainty is a companion in this life we cannot avoid. While we can never fully escape our doubts, we don’t have to be controlled by them.



BLESS is an approach to prayer and evangelism. It’s not about downloading information and memorizing scripts, but about learning to love our neighbors well. It is a way to participate in outreach more effortlessly, effectively, and authentically.



The story of Jonah is often our story. God leads and we are reluctant to follow. In spite of our routine resistance, God graciously pursues us and desires good for us.


Less is More

A look at four roadblocks in our lives that hinder us from experiencing growth and transformation in our Christian walk.



Advent is a season of anticipation that focuses on Jesus’ arrival, but so much surrounding Jesus’ birth was surprising. Jesus came at an unexpected time, through unexpected people, in an unexpected place, bringing unexpected love.


Fundamentals Of Faith

The Christian life is more than just reading our Bibles, praying, and going to church. The book of 1 John reveals fundamental principles that are essential to our life of faith.


Everyday Joy

Happiness is dictated by our circumstances but joy is not. Join with us as we look at the book of Philippians to discover the secret to everyday joy.


The Three D's

Pastor Jeremy explains the mission of Uptown Church, which is to help people discover hope, deepen relationships, and display love.


Other Messages

A variety of stand-alone messages shared at Uptown Church.