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Evens Paul

June 20, 2021

Guest speaker Evens Paul shares a message with Uptown Church

C. Terrell Wheat

June 13, 2021

Guest speaker C. Terrell Wheat shares a message with Uptown Church

Jeremy Falk
Emerging From Crisis: Priority Two

June 6, 2021

When coming out of a crisis, the memory of what life was before catastrophe struck, can create a sense of despair and despondency. The Lord says, even if what you are rebuilding now is smaller and less impressive than what used to be, stay hopeful, because all you need is my presence.

Jeremy Falk
Emerging From Crisis: Priority One

May 30, 2021

We have an opportunity to rebuild and reset our lives like never before. We can emerge from this crisis with Christ as our number one priority if we resist the face of the familiar and the force of fear.

Jeremy Falk
Fixer Upper: Maintenance and Upkeep

May 23, 2021

Emotional maturation isn’t measured in days and weeks, but in months, years, and decades. Our faithful consistency in new rhythms and practices pays off in the long haul.

Jeremy Falk
Fixer Upper: Our New Toolbox

May 16, 2021

As we move towards greater emotional maturity and spiritual health, we must become familiar with new rhythms, routines, and practices.

Elizabeth Chao-Lu
Fixer Upper: Break Time

May 9, 2021

Part of growing and maturing in our emotional-spiritual health is learning to rest. There is blessing, joy, and delight found in slowing down and taking time to be with God.

Jeremy Falk
Fixer Upper: Hurt on the Job

May 2, 2021

Life continuously confronts us with a series of mini-deaths and losses. Navigating this pain and grief is difficult. Our emotional maturity or immaturity will lead us to respond in ways that either deepen our faith or draw us further away from God.

Jeremy Falk
Fixer Upper: Demolition Day

April 25, 2021

Pastor Jeremy shares a personal testimony of a time when he encountered “The Wall” in life; how it affected him, and how God brought him through.

Jeremy Falk
Fixer Upper: Throw the Old Tools Away

April 18, 2021

Some of the biggest obstacles that keep us emotionally immature are unhealthy pressures and patterns from our family of origin. There are elements of “family” that we need to break away from to follow Christ and experience spiritual growth in our lives.

Jeremy Falk
Fixer Upper: Study the Blueprint

April 11, 2021

When we are emotionally immature, our understanding of who we are is often based on feelings that contradict who God is and who God says we are. These feelings tend to feed us three lies rooted in false narratives.

Jeremy Falk
Fixer Upper: The Need for Repair

April 4, 2021

New life in Christ is designed to bring us fully alive in all aspects of who we are: spiritual, emotional, physical, relational, social, and intellectual. When we allow Jesus’ resurrection power to touch the emotional dimension of who we are, it opens us up to deeper spiritual growth and maturity.

Ethan Machida
Palm Sunday

March 28, 2021

Too often, we clamor for attention, power, and prestige like the disciples did when they asked to sit on Jesus’ right and left in heaven. Jesus teaches that our desire instead should be to serve others with humility.

Past Series


Setting The Table

Hospitality is part of the character of God. God is a divine host who generously extends warmth and welcome through tangible offerings of food, lodging, and protection.

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The Blazing Center

Who is the Holy Spirit and what is His role in our lives today? Journey with us as we uncover the necessity of seeking and walking in the power of the Spirit.

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The Greatest G.I.F.T.

Jesus’ arrival on earth was the biggest blessing the world has ever experienced. In John 1, we discover four of the main reasons why Jesus is our greatest gift.

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Now What?

Throughout life, our situation and circumstances can radically shift in an instant. Throughout his days, Joseph encountered more than his fair share of these dilemmas. Joseph’s example helps teach us how to remain faithful to God.

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