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Jeremy Falk
Puzzled - Clue # 4 - A Mysterious Chef
John 21:1-14
May 26, 2019

When it comes to trust in God to provide and care for us, doubt urges us to focus on God’s actions while ignoring our own. Our passage this morning reveals how God’s provision is closely connected to our participation.

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Jeremy Falk
Puzzled - Clue # 3 - Nail Holes
John 20:19-23
May 19, 2019

Thomas was going through a season of intense doubt as he wrestled with believing Jesus was alive. Just how Jesus rescued Thomas from his doubt, He wants to rescue us and bolster our faith.

Carol Hubing
A Hopeful Inheritance
Ephesians 1:1-23
May 12, 2019

Ephesians reveals God is our inheritance and we are His inheritance. We have been adopted as sons and daughters of God, not through our own efforts or anything we have done, but through the work of Jesus Christ.

Danny Martinez
I Know the Plans I Have For You
Jeremiah 29:11
May 5, 2019

Often the plans that we have for our lives or the way we think our lives should be is not what God has planned for us.

Jeremy Falk
Puzzled - Clue #2 - A Ghost and a Snack
John 20:19-23
April 28, 2019

Acceptance is a key component to a healthy and vibrant faith. We must be willing to accept God for who He is, how He moves, what He says, and when He acts.

Jeremy Falk
Puzzled - Clue #1 - Strips of Linen
John 20:1-10
April 21, 2019

Even though doubt is universal and helpful at times, it can dominate our lives in unhealthy ways. It is important to cultivate a strong, vibrant faith to counterbalance our doubts and keep them in check.

Past Series



BLESS is an approach to prayer and evangelism. It’s not about downloading information and memorizing scripts, but about learning to love our neighbors well. It is a way to participate in outreach more effortlessly, effectively, and authentically.



The story of Jonah is often our story. God leads and we are reluctant to follow. In spite of our routine resistance, God graciously pursues us and desires good for us.


Less is More

A look at four roadblocks in our lives that hinder us from experiencing growth and transformation in our Christian walk.



Advent is a season of anticipation that focuses on Jesus’ arrival, but so much surrounding Jesus’ birth was surprising. Jesus came at an unexpected time, through unexpected people, in an unexpected place, bringing unexpected love.


Fundamentals Of Faith

The Christian life is more than just reading our Bibles, praying, and going to church. The book of 1 John reveals fundamental principles that are essential to our life of faith.


Everyday Joy

Happiness is dictated by our circumstances but joy is not. Join with us as we look at the book of Philippians to discover the secret to everyday joy.


The Three D's

Pastor Jeremy explains the mission of Uptown Church, which is to help people discover hope, deepen relationships, and display love.


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A variety of stand-alone messages shared at Uptown Church.