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Jeremy Falk
The Blazing Center: A Necessity for Connection

January 3, 2021

Our main avenue for connecting relationally with God is through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit isn’t something we connect through, but someone we connect to.

Cara Falk
The Greatest Gift: Truth
John 1:17-18
December 27, 2020

Jesus reveals the nature, character, and essence of God through His presence and teaching. Truth is found in Christ and not in ourselves.

Jeremy Falk
The Greatest Gift: Forgiveness
John 1:14-16
December 20, 2020

God offers us the gift of forgiveness through Jesus Christ. We must overcome two half-truths we get tempted to believe in to experience the fullness of freedom and intimacy that comes from God’s grace.

Jeremy Falk
The Greatest Gift: Inheritance
John 1:9-13
December 13, 2020

Through Jesus, we are given the right to be called children of God. This is an adoption into God’s family that provides us with new identity, new traits, and new life. It restores us to our full inheritance as God’ heirs.

Jeremy Falk
The Greatest Gift: Glow
John 1:1-8
December 6, 2020

An important reason why Jesus is our greatest gift is that He is the gift of light. His light gives us life, guidance, and power.

Past Series


Now What?

Throughout life, our situation and circumstances can radically shift in an instant. Throughout his days, Joseph encountered more than his fair share of these dilemmas. Joseph’s example helps teach us how to remain faithful to God.

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Open Handed

The Bible is clear that the nature of our relationship to earthly goods is a primary indicator of where our trust and loyalty to God are at. To walk with Jesus, we have to learn how to release our grip on what we have and want, living open-handed.

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Body Builders

What is the role of apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers in the church today?

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Paradigm Shift

Just because something is widely accepted and believed doesn’t make it right. Jesus confronts the status quo in our religious circles with His divine authority.

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